Model Cities Strategic Plan

What makes a brand strategic?

Ideation  •  Planning  •  Messages  •  Writing  •  Collateral


Recognize the needs

The work Model Cities does to address root causes of racial and socioeconomic inequities has never been more urgent. That’s why they needed a clear strategy and detailed plan.

Interior spread from Model Cities Strategic Plan, Headline: We feel a strong sense of urgency and an equally fierce optimism.Interior spread from Model Cities Strategic Plan, Headline: With so many competing needs, it's critical for us to refocus and refine.

Get organized

Using a process of ideation, research, collaboration, and consensus building, we helped this organization define its purpose, find its voice, and create action steps.

Multiple spreads from the Model Cities Strategic PlanBack cover of the Model Cities Strategic Plan

Take action

The new three-year plan outlines the pressing needs within the community and how Model Cities will address those needs and measure outcomes. What’s more, the process sparked new energy and gave clarity to those responsible for making the plan a reality.

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