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Why do consumers matter in a B2B world?

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We’re all human

As a top distributor of food for people on the go, E.A. Sween needed a brand image that compelled retail partners to offer effective store placement while attracting end consumers to buy products off the shelf. What do both audiences have in common? They all make decisions based on emotions. Our use of fresh and friendly photos combined with rich colors and clean design created an emotional appeal that consumers and business buyers alike prefer when making brand choices.

Business card for E.A. Sween on a wood background with a tomatoNotepad for E.A. Sween

Simple is better

With multiple product lines, E.A. Sween needed corporate stationery that brought clarity to its many brands. Our team introduced a design that simplified the system, giving prominence to the master brand while allowing balanced representation of the consumer brands known by many buyers.

Powerpoint cover slide for E.A. SweenPowerpoint divider slide for E.A. Sween

Impressions happen quickly

From presentation templates to trade show banners to point of purchase tools the sales team is now equipped with fresh new collateral that uses compelling imagery and simplified language to engage buyers and consumers alike.


Pictures tell a story

Signage was used to infuse the brand into the corporate environment, share the company history, and honor board members and staff. Using stories, graphics, and engaging images of people and products, we created an emotional response that matters to both visitors and employees. 

Wall decal on EA Sween stairwell that says Close up of timeline on E.A. Sween wall
Closeup of plaque on family wall in E.A. SweenFull view of board of directors wall in E.A. Sween
Full length of E.A. Sween family wall Close up of decal on E.A. Sween wall that says

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