Catalyst Workplace Activation

How do you connect a name to a brand story?



Be different

In a saturated market of workplace environment providers, Catalyst knew it needed to stand out from the pack. One strength it had was a unique name. 


Spark meaning

Through a process of discovery and message development, 5 by 5 Design gave clarity to the brand and connected the name to the story: Catalyst is a true change agent for clients that is able to ignite smarter work.

Photo of a tablet with an enewsletter for Catalyst Workplace ActivationPhoto of a tablet with an Instagram page for Catalyst Workplace Activation

Look the part

Building from the brand story, we implemented a full visual system that uses energetic colors, inspiring graphics, leading-edge imagery, and witty language to create a complete brand experience with every touchpoint.

Photo of a computer screen featuring a PowerPoint slide for Catalyst Workplace ActivationPhoto of a computer screen featuring a PowerPoint slide for Catalyst Workplace Activation

Ignite conversations

Empowered with digital tools and consistent templates the brand is engaging with audiences, turning heads, and closing deals with less effort and greater success than ever before.

Photo of the cover of a brand guidelines document for Catalyst Workplace ActivationMockup of a wall graphic in an office with the words

Ready to get started?

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