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How do you unify a network of brands?

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Write the book on it

With 239 independently operated locations nationwide, there’s a lot of variety in how this iconic brand is being sold. After working with 5 by 5 Design to help one of those dealers with branding excellence, Herman Miller realized it was a process they wanted to bring to the rest of their dealer network. That’s why they asked us to write the book on it.


Provide the roadmap

This easy-to-read and inspiring toolkit is packed with stories, how-to details, and educational facts to help dealers understand the economics behind brand and how to engage in a process that will influence their bottom line.


Help them navigate

Confident in the insight, inspiration, and support we provide, Herman Miller has turned to 5 by 5 Design as the go-to resource for dealer branding. Our team has guided more than a dozen dealers from across the nation through a process to uncover their unique purpose, develop effective messages, and launch an updated brand in their market.


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