How do you turn a commodity dealer into a marketplace maverick?

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Leverage a strong brand association

As a premier furniture dealer for Herman Miller, Intereum offers quality products and fresh innovation that is supported by a trusted, iconic brand. But even high-end products and services can become commodities if customers don’t perceive unique value. Intereum needed to break away from the commodity mentality of its competitive marketplace and build upon its brand-centric customer experience.


Tell a compelling story

Our process got at the heart of what truly sets Intereum apart—an ability to see things others don’t see and use tools others don’t have in order to transform workspaces. From targeted messages, inspirational narratives, and customer-focused sales tools, Intereum now has a memorable brand story that changes the conversation from price to value, effectively removing it from the commodity realm.

Update your image

Looking to stand out from the local marketplace and tie more closely to the Herman Miller brand, we evolved the Intereum identity and visual system to reflect a more current, fresh, and distinctive look.


Proceed with confidence

The new visual system has consistently been applied to stationery, collateral, videos, presentation tools, social media platforms, tour experiences, vehicles, and much more.

Create passionate brand advocates

Transformation has occurred from the inside out. With early involvement, training, and effective communication tools, Intereum has created a stronger, more cohesive sales team and inspired an entire employee base to become passionate brand advocates. The effect has spilled over to customers who eagerly share their own stories of transformation, thanks to Intereum.

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