Arts Midwest

How do you tame a complex brand?

Ideation  •  Planning  •  Logo  •  Visual System  •  Collateral  •  Event Tools  •  Signage

Divide and conquer

Managing multiple arts programs, national events, and projects with foreign governments can get pretty complicated. Partners and funders want brand control. Different audiences have different needs. And everyone wants every communication to feel artistic. For Arts Midwest, a clear and consistent brand strategy was no small task.


Redefine the rules

To bring order to the chaos, we defined hierarchical relationships and created a system with clear rules. Next, we updated the logo and designed a comprehensive visual system that guides the organization in a sophisticated and creative manner.


Be artistic and consistent

With a new framework in place, we’ve successfully applied the new brand onto yearly conference materials and other marketing tools—all with a consistent brand image and an artistic flair.


Get the credit you deserve

The new system has taken the guesswork and inefficient negotiations out of the collaborative efforts between Arts Midwest and its partners. The rules are clear, the brand image is strong, and everyone is proud of the artistic work being done.

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