Using Storytelling During Virtual Brainstorming

A simple technique to engage your team and learn more about your brand.

Diana Lillicrap 7.31.2020

In the world of Covid, virtual meetings are the new norm. But if you’re trying to do a brainstorming session, it can be a bit challenging to get people in the right state of mind. Here’s an exercise to engage everyone and discover an insider’s perspective about your brand.

I’m grateful for the benefits of video conference calls. They tend to be efficient (mostly because no one is willing to stay on the line for too long). They give us the ability to work with large groups again as a team. And I love seeing faces of colleagues I’ve been missing. But the virtual environment can be a bit sterile and dull. People are afraid to talk over each other, the extroverts oftentimes monopolize the conversation, and distraction is unavoidable with every email ding, cell phone buzz, and multiple screens that most people have up during the call.

Here’s a fun way to kick-off your next brand-building session or marketing team meeting that works especially well over a video call.

Share a story

One of the best ways to get to know a brand, is to hear stories about it. A few days before your next meeting, send out an email asking your team to come prepared to share a brief story about your brand. Give them three trigger questions to help germinate their thinking.

1. Share a story that reflects our day-to-day culture.
2. Share a story that makes you proud to be part of our organization.
3. Share a story of a customer being wowed. 

Then, at the start of your virtual meeting kick things off by asking folks to share their story. Make sure if you are facilitating the session that you call on each person one by one. Give everyone a couple of minutes to tell their story and then move on to the next story. By the time you are finished, you’ll have heard some lovely things about your brand that will make everyone smile. Plus, your team will feel inspired and everyone will feel heard, which is exactly what you want at the start of any collaborative process.

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