Story Sharing

Stories can reveal the essence of your brand.

Wendy Ruyle 7.12.2016


Capturing accounts of how different people in and outside your organization interact with your brand is a useful tool in discovering what value you bring to your stakeholders. And knowing that value can start to define your brand strategy.


Whenever we start a brand strategy process we like to get key stakeholders in a room together and have each one of them tell their best story about the company. Tell us about an instance when the essence of the brand revealed itself to you. Did you have an exceptional customer experience? Was there a time when you were empowered as an employee? Is there a product feature that made your day? What happened and who made it happen? How did each of these experiences make you feel about the organization? How did they inspire you to act?

When you hear your value proposition in story form, it becomes more personal. More real. And much easier to communicate to potential customers.


Start by collecting these stories from your internal stakeholders, then challenge yourself to get them from the outside. This can be done through surveys (phone or online), one-on-one interviews, or simply through quick questions during follow up calls and meetings from your sales team. Getting a wide variety of answers will make the picture more clear.


Take the good stories and make sure they happen more often. Take the bad stories and find a way to correct the systemic flaws that caused them. And finally, look for the most authentic stories to use as a basis for your brand strategy in order to promote your business to future customers.

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