What’s your content profile?

Pair skill sets for better outcomes.

Diana Lillicrap 3.30.2017

Good content doesn’t just happen. It requires planning, honing of messages, polishing of details, and timely delivery.

Are you covering all your bases with a diverse team of experts? Use this list to make sure you are thinking about your content from all angles and utilizing your team for the skills that fit them best.

The Idea Generator: Able to develop creative ideas and big-picture thinking, but may not always excel at managing details and bringing ideas to life in a final form. When the idea generator is paired with a good organizer and writer, the content will thrive.

The Expert: Knows the content inside and out, but may not be able to translate it for a public audience. Connect your expert with a good writer, and your content will be rich and audience-focused.

The Writer: Skilled at turning raw content and random thoughts into interesting and externally focused information, but needs critical input from experts and will always benefit from a detailed proofer.

The Organizer: Can see the forest and the trees and knows how to seamlessly bring it all together so it makes sense in the world, but not necessarily skilled at polishing the final words. Use this person to shepherd ideas, manage the details, and guide the process for the overall team.

The Detailed Proofer: Never misses a beat or a spelling error. Make sure you have someone on your team with these skills to provide a final touchpoint for all content before it is released to the world.

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