How do you hatch a new brand?

Ideation  •  Planning  •  Messages  •  Logo  •  Visual System  •  Web Reskin

Incubate your purpose

This technology team had a fun brand name, but they struggled to identify and communicate what truly makes them unique and better. Using our proven discovery process, we uncovered their real strength. Unlike so many other tech experts, IT-HenHouse understands that technology is first and foremost about empowering people to solve problems.

Use an authentic voice

Building on the clarity of their purpose and embracing the down-to-earth nature of the organization, we developed a playful but powerful message platform to communicate value and differentiate the brand personality in a competitive marketplace.

Get your chicks in a row

Next, we established a clear marketing plan, updated the logo, and revamped the website to more effectively connect with customers. The new brand voice, visuals, and tools have empowered IT-HenHouse to move forward with confidence and support business growth.


Ready to get started?

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