What’s your point of view?

Discover your unique perspective.

Guest Author Kate Huebsch 6.03.2014

Your point of view is what makes you different. It shapes how you connect with the world and how the world connects with you. Perhaps you haven’t thought about your unique perspective recently. Here’s a test:

Read your LinkedIn profile or resume with fresh eyes. Does it differentiate you from your colleagues?

Six Steps to a Stronger Point of View

Like a muscle, the more you engage your point of view, the more defined it becomes. To improve your perspective, ask yourself a few questions:

  1. What do I want to be known for?
  2. What would others be surprised to learn about me?
  3. What do I wish I could say about myself? What would it take to make that a reality?
  4. What inspires me?
  5. Of the people I admire, what attributes in them are most appealing and why?
  6. What do others say about me that describes me well?

Use the answers to these to refine your online profile and how you think and talk about yourself.

Keeping it Strong

Once you’ve clearly defined your point of view, look for ways to keep it compelling.

  • Go Away: Travel is great for sparking new insights. Whether you drive across town or fly across an ocean, travel takes you out of your norm and challenges what you think you know.
  • Word Up: Reading also refuels your perspective. The trick is to read a book, magazine, or blog that you typically wouldn’t.
  • Listen In: Eavesdropping—or, more accurately, eavesdrinking—is a fun way to get inspired. Go to a lively coffee shop or bar and immerse yourself in the conversations around you. (Just don’t get caught!)

These are just three examples of ways to get other perspectives. Those revelations add depth to your evolving point of view.

Get Bold and Stay Bold

The most memorable, engaging people are those who are clear about what makes them different. Be that person professionally and personally to make meaningful connections with those you most want to influence.

Kate Huebsch is the founder and president of High Point Creative, an experienced team of senior level writers and content strategists who help companies define their points of view to make meaningful connections. Learn more at highpointcreative.com.

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