Connect the Dots to Connect with Customers

A checklist for customer touchpoints.

Wendy Ruyle 3.19.2015


Direct mail, enewsletters, giveaways, calls, lunches, loyalty programs. The list goes on. What customer touchpoints make sense for your company? Use this checklist to see if they’re going to make an impact or fall flat.

Are you being true to your brand?

Your touchpoints with customers should always match your brand attributes. That’s how the gesture will be remembered and connected to you in your customer’s minds. Think about your brand personality. What do you stand for? If your brand is all about health, don’t give out candy as a holiday gift. If your brand is about simplicity, don’t send a direct mail piece with complex folds and pages of content to sort through.

Are you thinking differently?

Do something that stands out from your competition. The element of surprise can delight a potential client. If you send flowers to celebrate spring rather than a gift basket during the holidays you are sure to make an impression because you’re not competing for attention with anyone else. A coupon for a free product given to a loyal customer “just because” will stand out more than points on any loyalty card.

Are you focused on your target?

We’d all love to have the time and budget to connect with all our customers in every way possible, but that’s not reality. Focus on what you can do well and prioritize your most important customers. Spending time on one hot lead is going to reap more benefits than hundreds of cold leads.

Have you thought about what your customer wants?

Put yourself in your client’s shoes. Will they want to wear a fleece with your logo blazoned across the back like a billboard? Or will they smile politely and drop it in the donate bag as soon as they get home? Unless your brand connects with them on a very personal level, it’s probably the latter. And don’t give basketball tickets to someone who loves the opera (unless they love both). Knowing your clients and what they value will go a long way to making your connection stick.

Are you being consistent?

Did you start an enewsletter with the intention of getting it out once a month only to find yourself too busy? Make sure you can commit to whatever program you start for at least a year. If you promise and don’t deliver it will reflect poorly on your brand.

Are you taking care of the basics?

You’ve got to make sure the basics are covered before you get fancy with touchpoints. If your store’s got dirty floors, nobody wants your coupons. If you aren’t providing good service, nobody wants to go to lunch with you. Get your house in order before you invite anyone in.

When you reach out to connect with your customers make sure the method you choose has value. To them. If it doesn’t you’re wasting precious resources in your company at best and quite possibly damaging your brand at worst.

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