Brand Building with Typefaces

See what certain typefaces indicate about your brand.

Wendy Ruyle 3.15.2010

From Beyonce to Obama, big names have discovered the power to convey personality and spirit through typefaces.

Leading-edge corporate giants like Volkswagen and Apple have used typefaces for years to create consistency and brand attitude. These and many other successful consumer brands know that the right typeface used appropriately can give both obvious and subtle indications about your brand.

Take for instance Absolut Vodka. Most of us can probably visualize the Futura Condensed Extra Black typeface used on all their communications. The same thing could be said about Crate & Barrel’s use of Helvetica. Strong type used in a compelling and consistent manner is memorable. And let’s face it. We all strive to create memorable brands.

So take a look at your typefaces. What do they say about your brand? Are they conveying what you want? Are you managing their consistent use across all communications? If not, you may be missing a big branding opportunity.

To learn more about the power of typefaces, check out this article.

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