Sharing is Caring

Build your service brand by generously sharing good advice and valuable content.

Diana Lillicrap 7.5.22


In a service business like ours, we get paid for time, recommendations, and ideas. So why would we ever want to give away advice for free? Because sharing nuggets of knowledge is a great way to build brand and provide added value to future buyers. 

Samples work

In the retail world, everyone understands that consumers like to sample items before they buy. It’s like the sample area at Costco. People line up for whatever they are handing out, and the product is stocked nearby because after a tasty bite, buyers want to take home more. Advice and content are a lot like a sample. If you sell a service or your brand is about being smart and consultative, sharing your content and good ideas gives potential buyers a proper context of what they will get if they hire you. 

Think inspiration

I love watching home repair and remodeling shows. They give me ideas about what I would like to do with my own house. And I love that they make it all look so easy. But the truth is, I don’t have time or the right tools and skills to actually pull off any major remodel without hiring an expert. The same is true about your service brand. Don’t be afraid to give away things that will inspire your audiences and make buyers want to move ahead to hire you for more advice and customized solutions just for them. 

Good advice isn’t the only thing you have to offer. If you provide a service, it’s likely of value because you have years of experience, specialized training, and unique skills that can’t easily be learned from a how-to article or inspiring video. Plus, as much as we all like to fashion ourselves as DIYers, the reality is most of us want to hire someone else to do the hard work so we know it will turn out great. 

Show and tell

When sharing content, the advice you give is important, but so is the vehicle, voice, and overall experience for the customer. If you are sharing on a website, blog, or in an article, bring your brand to life through language style, humor, or whatever else is appropriate to give a sense of the services you provide. If you are sharing via video, an event, or a free gift, make sure the visual and tactile elements of the experience are appropriately implemented to illustrate the value of your brand. Good advice paired with a memorable experience is a great way to soft sell your services and reflect what it feels like to work with you. 

Leave them wanting more

The trick is to remember your free content should be just a taste. Don’t share all your trade secrets or unique process. Instead, give enough ideas to pique the palette. Inspire your prospects with rich content and a great experience but leave them with a desire to want to learn more. Think of it like those home repair shows that give a sneak peek at the next episode. In a blog, it might be a link in the copy or a listing of other articles readers might like. In a video or at a speaking event, maybe it’s an offer for a free first meeting, needs assessment, or something else that is relevant to the services you provide. 

If you end with an easy way to keep the sharing happening, your prospects will know your brand truly cares, and your freely shared content may result in a valuable sales lead to a more knowledgeable and inspired target.

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