What to Ask Before Hiring a Branding Firm

Find the right partner for your project.

Diana Lillicrap 10.17.2023


Sure, you know to ask about process, people, and pricing, but what else will help you find the right team to tackle your branding project? Here are five questions that scratch below the surface, allowing you to get to know a branding team before you hire them.

1. What’s your own brand strength?

If they are experts at getting at the essence of a brand, they really should know their own brand essence. What do they do differently than everyone else? How is their process better and why? What added value will you get from working with them? If the answers are the same as everyone else, the work probably will be too.

2. How will you help us navigate change?

Change is hard and if you are about to undergo a major rebranding or launch an entirely new brand, you are going to need experts who have experience successfully navigating through all kinds of transformations. Be sure whomever you hire is prepared for what could be a bumpy road.

3. What types of projects are not a good fit for you?

Sometimes you can learn a lot about strengths by looking at weaknesses. Being forthcoming and honest about what’s not core to their own brand is often a sign of a true expert. You don’t want a company that thinks it can be all things for all people—you want a focused, reliable partner that does branding really, really well.

4. Why do you want this project?

Good branding takes creativity, commitment, and passion. Is your project going to be a small fish in a big pond? Are the people excited about the project’s potential? Or is this just a business transaction? This question can help you uncover motives and attitudes during your decision-making process.

5. What questions do you have for us?

Experts with a truly consultative approach listen carefully, ask good questions, and even challenge your assumptions. If you have found a good partner, this will become more evident by the types of questions they ask of you. It can also be telling about the types of struggles or problems they have had in the past and want to be sure to avoid with a new client.

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