Measurement Opportunities for Nonprofits

A few ideas of what to track.

Diana Lillicrap 10.10.2014

Measurement is powerful. It can help you track accomplishment, empower staff, and inspire donors. It can make a case for funding, staffing, and volunteers. And if you use it wisely, you’ll save time and money on future marketing efforts.

So what should you measure and how do you do it? Here are few ideas for what you might want to track using both analytical data and anecdotal information.Measuring Data

  • Funding: Measure your funding appeals and results and the general marketplace funding trends.
  • Interactions: Track the interactions your audience has with your brand. This could include event attendance, a change in attendee demographics, traffic on your website, incoming questions online or over the phone, etc.
  • Surveys: Collect audience data through simple surveys via email, phone, in-person/paper, interviews, website—track changes in awareness, satisfaction, opinions, etc.
  • Conversions: Track audience actions including buying tickets, submitting forms, making donations, calling for info, etc.
  • Social Mentions: Track brand and keyword mentions on social media platforms to see what people are saying, gage the tone (positive or negative), and pick up on common topics and trends.
  • Brand Audit: Review your marketing materials for message and visual style, tone, and consistency.

Tracking Anecdotal Information

  • Stories: Collect and monitor how your brand is influencing the lives of individual audience members.
  • Testimonials: Track and capture quotes or general statements about the value and influence of your brand.
  • Internal Observations: Monitor and reflect on the observations made by your internal audiences (staff, volunteers, board, etc.). Identify what actions cause changes in internal perceptions, both positive and negative.

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