Left-Brain, Right-Brain

A brainstorming activity for various personalities, work styles, and roles.

Diana Lillicrap 2.12.2013


When it comes to conducting a brainstorming session, it’s best to include a diverse group of people and ideas. But sometimes it can be challenging to engage everyone to feel comfortable doing the same creative activity. A variety of work styles, personalities, and job roles often reveals conflicting opinions.

One technique we find useful in large groups with various creative styles is an activity we call left-brain, right-brain.

Divide your group into two categories: those who are more inclined to be right-brain, intuitive, unconventional thinkers and those who are left-brain, logical, and rational in their thought process. Then assign each group a limited time to come up with 50 new ideas to solve your problem.

The resulting lists will likely be longer than you requested and you’ll be amazed at how quickly they’re generated. Why does this happen? Because each person feels comfortable in his or her own like-minded “brain group.” And the list of ideas will be diverse in comparison—covering both rational and imaginative spectrums.

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