Get More Out of Your Content

Repurpose and tailor your content to multiple channels to ease your workload and create a consistent message.

Wendy Ruyle 4.19.2022

Get more bang for your buck with the brand content you create by reusing it and tailoring it to the right channel with the right medium for your message.

Content creation for a brand is hard. It takes a lot of planning and effort but mapping out opportunities to repurpose messages will save you time in the long run and ensure the brand is consistent from channel to channel.

Start with your message

Figure out what you want to say to your customers and what they need to hear. It could be focused on brand awareness and what makes your product or service better than your competitors. It could be about an event or series of events that will contain educational information or entertainment. It could be a campaign for a new product launch. Once you know what you want to communicate you can get to the how.

Determine your channels and tools

Think about what channels you are already using and which ones you might add for this particular message. Is this a consumer campaign? B-to-B relationship building? Community outreach? Determine the right channels to reach whom you need to reach. Each channel has its own unique audience needs and wants.

Then think about the right tool for the job. What is the attention span of your audience? Will you see them in person or just online? What kind of content do they need to take action?

Consumer campaigns might include video or print advertising, pop-up events, POP displays, social and email campaigns. B-to-B could be calls, emails, lunches, presentations, proposals, web content, white papers, and events. Community outreach might require mailers or leave-behinds, talking points, and earned media.

Apply your message to the right tool

Now map your message to the right tool and channel. Find opportunities to repurpose and tailor your message to your audience. The bullet points you use in a leave-behind can do double duty as the talking points you might use in a presentation or call. If you put together an hour-long educational presentation, you can probably get 4–5 blog posts and 20 social posts out of the same content.

An explainer video can be recut to focus on quick details that intrigue a viewer to watch more. Research you do for a client can turn into a white paper or case study. Photos you take during a video shoot or at an event can be used in collateral and advertising.

Don’t assume your audience is in every channel and paying attention to everything you publish. It’s ok to repeat content in a different way for different groups. Just make sure you are tailoring it for the channel. You can’t be dry and overly professional on TikTok. And rainbows and unicorns might not be appropriate for a business presentation.

This approach to content does require some advance planning. You need to have a clear vision of your message and make sure you have the right team to capture the right assets as your campaign progresses. For each piece of content you create, stop and think if there is another way to package it to capitalize on the effort.

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