Season’s Greetings

Start planning your holiday greetings now to stand out in a sea of correspondence.

Wendy Ruyle 6.14.2017

It’s June, so we’ve been working on our holiday gifts and cards. “What? Already?” Yes. Believe it or not, right now is exactly the time most businesses should be thinking about plans for holiday marketing.

Why so early? Too often, companies decide in November that they should send out a holiday card. Their competitors are doing it and ‘tis the season, so why not, right? They quickly scramble and spend money on a generic card or an email blast. Unfortunately, this last-minute effort often results in an unplanned marketing expense that gets lost in a sea of holiday correspondence.

To avoid this missed opportunity, here are our top three ways you can make your holiday message stand out.

1. Start early and strategize

Make a strategy that aligns with your business goals. Holiday marketing should be as thoughtful as any other type of marketing. Determine your desired objectives, decide the best way to achieve them, and then take time to do it right.

Perhaps you want to thank your top clients. That could be with a gift, a charitable donation, a lunch meeting, or a personal phone call. Or maybe you just want to take advantage of the holidays to add one more touchpoint opportunity with all your contacts. In either case, be sure you identify the purpose of the marketing effort before you decide on the marketing tool to do it. And leave plenty of time to get to a creative solution, negotiate production costs, and manage assembly and timely delivery.

2. Consider a different holiday

One of the most difficult times of year to stand out to your clients is December. Everyone is caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, attending parties, preparing for their own celebrations, not to mention all those year-end business tasks. Why not remove your touchpoint all together? A gift at the new year, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, summer solstice, or any number of other reasons to celebrate will stand out. Another box of candy in December may have your clients rolling their eyes, but that same gift in September might delight them.

3. Make it meaningful

The holidays are a time when many people feel inspired, reflective, and full of goodwill. They can also feel overwhelmed, stressed, and bombarded with clutter. Taking time to determine the best way to have a meaningful touchpoint with key audiences not only gives you a chance to say ‘Thank you’ for being an important customer, vendor, or advocate, it provides an opportunity to make a valuable connection with someone important. Think about how you can make an impression. What’s your message, your point of view, or your unique perspective in terms of what matters to your audience? Be authentic to who you are and others will take notice.

In the end, if you have a clear strategy, determine the right timing, and put meaning into what you do, you are certain to stand out in the chaos of the holidays and create a valuable greeting that is perfect for the season.

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