Incremental Improvements

A brainstorming technique that looks at the parts and pieces of your product or service.

Diana Lillicrap 10.3.2017

Sometimes the best way to make big changes is to look at the small pieces of your overall brand. Here’s a quick activity to help you examine all the individual parts or processes involved in what you provide to your customers.

This exercise works great for product innovation, but it can also be applied to improvements in process, services, or even to help you evaluate and rethink your marketing mix.

What to Do

Start by creating a simple two-sided list. On the left, list out all of the individual elements of your product or service. Get deep into the weeds, including every nut, bolt, or component of your offering. Then on the right, list an idea (or multiple ideas) to change, improve, or make each element more customer-centric. If it’s a product part, think about what small shifts might make your product more comfortable, current, or cost-effective. If it’s a component of your service, include ways to make the experience more customized, unique, or exclusive. Don’t forgot about value-added business improvements, like reducing your eco-footprint, lowering your production costs, or decreasing your delivery time.

Be inventive and don’t be afraid to dream big as you come up with as many improvements as you can imagine for each part or piece. In the end, you should have dozens of ideas that you can narrow down and evaluate based on what best meets your objectives or has the strongest potential for ROI.

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