Define Your Brand Senses

Use your senses to understand your brand.

Diana Lillicrap 3.30.2016


This brainstorming technique will help you see, feel, hear, and truly understand your brand at a deeper level.

Most organizations are able to define their brand attributes—words that represent how the brand should be perceived by the outside world. But have you really thought through how to bring those attributes to life?

Start by listing out your brand attributes. Then, for each attribute, answer the following questions about what visual or verbal cues your audiences might associate with the word.

What does this attribute look like? List some objects or locations that remind you of the word (i.e. a summer day, a gingham tablecloth, a city sidewalk).

What does this attribute feel like? List some tactile experiences that remind you of the word (i.e. cotton balls, smooth granite, cool water).

What does this attribute sound like? List some sounds that remind you of the word (i.e. classical music, a jackhammer, birds chirping).

How does this attribute make you feel? List some emotional connections you associate with the word (i.e. comforted like a hug from Mom, filled with hope for the future, inspired to action).

Once you’ve fully explored all the senses of your brand, the task of generating appropriate copy, visuals, and designs for your marketing communications becomes much easier.

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