Checklist for Hiring a Marketing Partner

Here’s how to choose the right marketing partner.

Diana Lillicrap 9.01.2016

When you need to hire an external partner, how do you decide who is the right fit? Is it based on price, process, or peer recommendations? Consider measuring against this simple checklist to help you make a smarter decision.

Once you’ve got a short list of your top contenders, it’s probably fair to assume they all fit your expectations for project scope and reasonable budget. But what else should you factor into your final decision? Here are the three things we’d encourage you to check off before hiring anyone from the outside to help your company.

1. They have a consultative approach.

If you need an external professional, you’re probably looking for fresh ideas, sound advice, and proven experience. These attributes are easily recognized when who you pick acts as a true consultant. They listen, ask good questions, challenge your assumptions, and provide suggestions even beyond what you may have identified in your RFP.

2. They are organized.

Creative types are often perceived as being unorganized. This is a lazy excuse for bad habits and poor planning. Good design requires creativity mixed with effective strategy. Pay attention to the details—did they give you a schedule, detail the pricing, provide a clear approach, and follow-up on your questions? Working with an organized, expert team can make all the difference in your day-to-day life once you get into a project, so choose wisely upfront.

3. They have good chemistry with us.

We’ve said many times before that we believe in trusting your gut. If it feels right (or wrong), it probably is. Marketing is about relationships. And a good partner should know how to foster, build, and manage relationships well—with you or with your customers.

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