Your Customer is Smarter Than You Think

Avoid the trap of dumbing your brand down.

Diana Lillicrap 9.10.2015

A fatal mistake marketers make is to dumb down products and services to make them easy to understand, and in theory, easier to sell. This approach cuts your worth in the eyes of your customers and devalues your brand in the process.

We all know people are overwhelmed. They want simple experiences, and are actually willing to pay more for them. It’s true, but that doesn’t mean they want dumb experiences. Consumers want content to be clear, concise, and organized. They want easy access to smart information and to be talked to like intelligent human beings.

If you are selling a product or service that is complex, it's important your customers see the complexity—and the value you bring in managing that complexity—in a way that is smart and easy to understand.

Need help marketing your complexity?

Here are three tips to market something complex in a smart way:

1. Use visuals to your advantage.

A picture really is worth a thousand words. Sometimes showing the complexity of your product through a detailed photo or the intricate steps in your process through a infographic will keep customers intrigued and educated about why your brand is so high-tech, important, or advanced in the field.

2. Take credit for being able to offer something complex.

Tout your extensively trained employees, patented processes, or any other accreditation that builds your worth and shows you are doing what others simply can’t do.

3. Don’t assume your customers won’t get it.

They will, especially if you explain it in terms of the value they get. If you are selling something complex, you need to sell it in a complex way, but avoid jargon and technical terms. Use real words that have meaning to your customers and ultimately illustrate the end value to them.

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