Call for Art and Artists

See how we are incorporating art into the brand of this new community space.

Diana Lillicrap 8.4.2017

Over the past year, we’ve had the privilege to work with Model Cities to design an inspiring community space—The Reading Room at BROWNstone in St. Paul. As we near the grand opening, we are now seeking art and artists to connect the new brand to the community.

About The Reading Room

The newly designed space, being built along the University Avenue corridor in St. Paul, will be home to artifacts, books, and art to honor the history of the Pullman Porters. The Reading Room is inspired by rooms visited by Black railroad workers at destinations along their routes. They acted as hubs for gathering, reading, playing cards, and catching up on news. Our goal is to create a similar community space that reflects on the past and acts as a catalyst for change, resulting in a brighter future.

Want to Be Involved?

We are currently seeking art to be a visual and cultural representation of the stories tied to the room. Artistic themes reflected in the art may be narrowly or broadly related to subjects including: railroads, railroad history, railroad workers, reading, education, books, racial justice, family, labor, labor rights, unions, black freedom, economic justice, dignity, solidarity, and strength through struggles.

If you are an artist and want apply for one of the many artistic projects happening in the space, please check out our RFP.

Applications are being accepted until August 24, 2017.

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